Down the ego to Keep calm under the pressure….

keep calm and strut on

So we can chat about yoga, serenity prayers, time outs, taking a deep breath, running 5 miles each morning, or other sworn by methods to relax in a tense moment.  Navy seal guys go through months and months of deep conditioning training to reprogram their responses stress and chaos….why can’t we all?

To do lists a million miles long, lines of folks each with different requests (that need immediate responses), work drama, kid drama, friend and family drama, blood sugar crashes, and just dealing with being in closer than desired proximity to likely 1,000,000 complete strangers co-habitating your corner of the earth.    Yep, I have probably lost my Sh** on all of them at one point or another.  Short temper, veins popping out of the forehead, a tight grip on the forearm as I escort a screaming child away from whatever is overstimulating them into a fever of wants and needs as some of those million complete strangers look on in judgement…we have all been there. Likely, we have also calmed down after the fact and pulled it together to realize the situation could have been handled differently with different effects.  So how can this be avoided in the first place?

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BIRD Battle…

Have you ever had to deal with nesting birds on your patio or porch area?  Ok, so I truly apologize to those friends of the folk who think I’m a cold hearted anti-nature lover for committing the cardinal sin of taking down an early spring bird nest and leaving a mama robin unable to produce the next generation in comfort….but really???  They poop ALL over the table! Like A LOT!

So this is a 1 part decorating fail (in hind-sight, always in hind-sight) and 1 part work in progress with multiple fails to fix the bird inhabitation. So part 1 decor fail…


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De-stress fail…or was it?

Have you ever thought your stresses could be fixed with a quick girls weekend, partner time without kids or fabulous yoga retreat???

So I had a tough year of transitions, moving, crazy kids, crazy husband’s job, new country, new language…yada yada…  The problem was that my ‘yada-yada’s were getting a little resentful-resentful and I started losing my patience and reacting (over-reacting) to lots of little things popping up in everyday life.  My husband would leave the kids dirty clothes on the stairs instead of putting it into the hamper…BOOM!!!  AAAAHHH look out for the rage!  (I am not justifying it, just being honest in my state of mind).

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Oh the extremes…partner communication failure and break through

Ying and Yang, Up and Down, Katy Perry’s Hot and Cold, good evil… Oh yes…the world has it’s opposites and extremes. I remember sometime after college there was a you-tube of this guy going around where he charted the attractiveness (‘hotness’) of a woman verses her mental stability (‘craziness’) and made the case that it was a positive and linear relationship.  I guess it could be taken offensively but I was not offended by it (i’m a geeky Math and Econ girl, I focused more on the chart!)

hotness craziness matrix link

hot vs. crazy

Whatever you may think of that guy and his theory, I think he may have a more general point about trade-offs, physical appearances aside. Anyway, my husband and I got into this chat the other day after I had a tough week.

Basically the premise is this…

  1. Some people in this world are really even keel, don’t really show getting overly excited, nor overly upset, are more quiet in social settings, ride their emotions more like gentle waves of the Outer Banks.
  2. Other people have bigger swings, get supper excited and happy then can get really low and frustrated even at a little tension, are more outgoing and social butterflies, surf emotions like the big kahuna waves and Mavericks.
  3. Us and a bunch of our married couple friends consist of one of each

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Failure to shield kids from profanity…

So I guess it occurred to me today as I was driving my two young children to school and heard my 4 year old daughter very clearly (and enthusiastically) singing along to AC/DC’s classic Highway to Hell… is that appropriate? In all honesty my first thought was to be quite impressed that she knew so many words and could belt it out in Brian Johnson fashion.  But then I wondered, how many times in a day I let a profane tickle past my nose and head straight for my kids?

It’s kinda tough these days..Disney movies put in more jokes aimed at the parents (yeah like Dusty crop-hopper getting ‘circumcised‘…really guys?), don’t get me started on what the plaster over latin american billboards and just heading out to a museum or aquarium you are bound to overhear some colorful thoughts being shared around you. I am sure they also hear me let something slip which is what probably impacts them the most. Like most parents, none of us try to poison their ears and we all try to keep our filters up and active but…sh** happens!

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Sew Sew Sew…Many failures (Part 1)

Inevitably this is how a ‘creative’ day gets started in my house.  After being awoken by outside forces (kids, alarm, husband, birds chirping, sun shining through the window…what have you), followed by tiny encounters that show life (and kids, husband, neighborhood birds…ect) have their own intensions for your time, talents and usefulness; a brilliant idea creeps into the head to make something. Oh yes… I’m gonna make some that I can control. I can create it in my own form, with my own skills, in my own method and I will have this lovely little product when I am done to show for my blood sweat and tears.  Sound familiar?

So I try to satisfy this deep urge for control and creativity by occasionally sewing (duct taping at times) my way through a project. A math & economics girl needs her outlets… But just to be clear, I am not one to post to a pinterest page and have perfect outcomes. My work is messy…It shouldn’t be photoed…It probably should’t be worn in public (but we do…bless our hearts)…It also probably shouldn’t be given as gifts (but I do sometimes…bless their hearts for still being my friends).  But it’s funny, it’s really hard to find a lot of sewing enthusiasts on the internet who admit their struggles on the path to their photo captured perfectionism.  Why don’t we capture the realistic attempts too?

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DIY: Hanging a Curtain Rod

Image result for curtain rod hanging Image result for curtain rod hangingImage result for curtain rod hanging

Oh, home projects. Don’t you just love scanning for ideas, seeing youtube how-to videos that show folks easily filming while doing projects with ease and perfection? Then going out to the home store and buying little bops and bits to follow suit and have your our ideal vision come to reality? Yeah, this isn’t really me either.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a nice house, I like sprucing it up for the holidays or company ect… but when it comes to utility projects like re-hanging a curtain rod I fall squarely into the failure category.  I’m not so sure why I find hanging things (like anything, even taping kids pictures to a wall) so challenging.  There is always a loose nail, un-even line (despite using a level), crooked thing going on when I’m involved.  Apparently in our first house I hung everything towards my eye-level and being 5’5″ apparently that looked weird to everyone else.  My husband can attest that at least 60% of the time after I hang something, all it takes is a door closing, a gentle breeze or a fly landing on it before it comes crashing down to shatter. It seems like everyone else has a trick I just don’t know.  Maybe y’all can enlighten me.

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