12 Week Work-Out Routines…

IMG_2092 Consistent…..Reliable….Consistently Reliable, or Reliably Consistent….

Raise your hands if you have ripped out magazine pages, signed up for a group boot-camp, signed up for a 30 day hot yoga challenge or downloaded an app to have access to multiple weeks of prescribed exercises?  Yeah, exactly! Who hasn’t? How many of y’all completed it and had the amazing results you expected?  Good for you guys!

I personally have been pretty much the same size and shape (though squisher, less toned, with more freckles/sun spots, more back overhang..ect) since I was in my late twenties.  I like to be active but honestly stink at being really consistent. I definitely do not jump out of bed at 5am to exercise (though I’ve tried, but not for long), nor am I religiously attentive to do my free weight exercises prescribed in my 12 week download app by a fabulously toned and cute as a button Australian (who shall remain nameless).

Why can’t I stick with it, when it has been made SO easy for me??? I literally just press a button and the set of exercises goes!…timed perfectly!…telling me what to do for how long and even when to take a break!  I think there is even a way for it to blare painfully pop-y music in the background by bands with members born after 1995 (which naturally makes anyone move faster as anxiety sets in).   Anyone else struggle with this one?  Have any tips?

I do see some inertia when I make it through a week (even a few) of runs and workouts, but then someone gets the flu, you have to take a car to get a screw out of the tire, protests occur in the streets that make you late for work, [insert 1000 other reasons] and it all goes to poop.

But, if I look back over all the years, I have (more or less) consistently gone for runs. Maybe at least once a week, either on a treadmill (sorta cheating, but whatever) or outside with only 1-3 months off here and there (or there and there). So that’s kinda something.  Like if I was being chased, I know I could keep it up for at least 3 miles.  So that’s maybe pretty good.  (I’m talking myself into it… Maybe I could be a superhero now)

I did once sign up for Under Armor’s 1000km challenge through http://www.mapmyrun.com to try to inspire me.  I could never remember to post when I ran and couldn’t figure out how to sync GPS with my phone to do it for me (half of the runs were on a cheating treadmill too).  I sorta fudged an estimate and got to around 600km in the year.  Though not the challenge goal, I think, that is actually not that bad.  (Obviously under armor should have reduced the expectation to be in line with my achievement…dang yardsticks!)

I definitely do see how motivating some of the ‘before & after’ pictures are that these systems post, but I don’t think I’m going to go from my current overhang self to a sculpted back with new winged tattoo to show it off, though I high-five each and every one of you who made it happen.  Honestly, I think the consistency fix is what I want more than the back tat.

Being known as a reliable person to others has always been very important to me, but for whatever reason I haven’t figured out how to be reliable to myself yet.  I can’t shake off other priorities to make it that important I guess. But, though I am not reliably consistent in working out (yet…there is always a yet, right?), I can be consistently reliable to keep starting again and thinking this will be my ‘on point’ next few weeks.  So I guess that’s something….

Tomorrow morning, I start week 1 over again (for the third time)…  But at least I have totally got my monies worth out of that one time download fee!!! Oh that’s a win!

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