What I have been reading online: Favorite sites/blogs/podcasts…

This should be updated every so often… ¬†This is more my random time filers & ‘hey I learned this cool new fact today’ info grabs on my phone/ computer when I’m driving, walking or procrastinating…

cartoon multitasking ghetti


Great site for quizzes, business advice and general prioritization…just try not to be offended by the site name.


McKinsey & Company is a big time corporate consultant. They post good articles on tech trends and global economics


Even though I get it wrong half the time and sew sleeves on backwards, I still like to make stuff


Because I wish I could understand how cryptocurrencies are made and how social media will save the world


I have 2 young kids in early elementary school, currently living in Chile which requires a bit of supplement to stay on track with common core…Ms. Giraffe’s Class site has great phonics.


Gotta have decent Indian food every now and again

NPR podcasts

A bit of USA everyday. UPFIRST, Planet Money, Market place, Wow in the World, How I built this, NPR politics (I know it’s like looking at a car crash, but I can’t help it).

Econ Talk podcast

I’m a big geek


This guy drinks wine AND like economics!

http://www.matadornetwork.com  & http://www.tablet.com

Writing and Travel

Quora, Reddit

Get sucked into the psychology…


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