Why I write about failures…

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There are many amazingly talented, successful people in the world today. They inspire us because their list of achievements, one right after another, make it all look easy.  That easiness makes others feel like success for them, too, is accessible.  We all want that. We all strive for efficient, but earned, success for our passions. But, sometimes we have kiss a lot of frogs before we find our prince charming.

Mine are the frog stories.  Personally, I learn a lot through failure. I am also a SLOW learner and very STUBBORN, so it often takes me a few failures to finally figure out I can force a square peg into a round hole.  I also work really hard, often too hard.  I have always been a bit of a busy body and pensive in my self-reflections, so I always try to do more.  I know, how ironic….a perfectionist failure devote.

But what I realized is, I wasn’t keeping track of my work OR my failures…  Suddenly a few years started to go by and I realized I had no record for myself, my resume, my family..anything/one about all the stuff I was trying or what I was learning.  So I decided to change that.

So these are my goals (and no it has nothing to do with revenue generation in any way).

  1. Be honest – I’ve had some epic fails but they all were thoughtful (at some point), and took time away from other things to develop, so they represent a choice I made and (for better or worse) are part of my life.
  2. Make them public – Writing in a private leather bound journal does not have the same cathartic appeal as putting my stuff out there like a big ol’ scarlet letter. That ‘yeah…I did that (sigh)’  kinda moment instantly followed by self-acceptance and closure.
  3. Take the pressure off –  Nothing’s airbrushed here. As I feel more self-accepting acknowledging of ups and downs, hopefully others will have a similar experience. Life is way too pressuring and we all need to cut each other a break just for trying.
  4. Have a record for my kids – All kids look to parents for answers. I tell my kids I make mistakes daily but think it would be even better if they could read this later in life and see it first hand.

I love hearing success stories and listening to podcasts like, How I built this, where successful entrepreneurs discuss how they built their $billion empires. Sometimes their stories are paved in gold and amazing luck, making profits the first month they are open, or saving the village after a terrible pandemic….other times they have some road bumps and struggles.  For the most part though these stories are focused on telling the epiphany moments of success/ breakthroughs and skip over actual struggles as only a quick mention.  I like hearing about the months of eating nothing but saltines and spray cheese to save up for printing flyers, throwing a back out at a pole dancing aerobic class or working 18 hour days just to make a pair of foam wings for a Halloween costume…maybe its me, but I think these things are more typical.  And maybe, just maybe by writing and processing these failures, we can down the time to make that next costume to only ~16 hours…WIN!

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