Welcome to Upside Down Success where I hope to explore in dialogue life’s attempts and achievements at success…givenLOTS of humbling, expected, glorious failures.

FAILURE:  (noun) a lack of success     [Oxford Dictionaries]

There are other definitions of failure but this is the concensus board based view. But it’s a pretty stagnant, point in time view. I prefer not to think of failure and success as opposites but as the yin and yang to all attempts. Most things we try will have both, thought we love to focus on the achievement and can even gloss over or minimize the struggle we had to get there.

I am Samantha Hairfield, born in 1980 with feet planted in both X & Millennial generations (with a heavy lean towards X).  I basically grew up feeling like I could achieve anything and (thankfully/luckily) was born in a supportive family of educators and idealists on the east coast of the USA.  I studied economics, mathematics and finance in college and worked with several different fortune 500 companies in structured finance from 2003-2013.  I meet my husband in college and after 18 years, multiple moves (including international stints) and 2 kids we decided I would take a break from corporate life to stay at home.

Basically, working at home, while rewarding in many ways is very different from working outside of the home. It is a total blessing to be available for your family and is not an easy choice for any family and their finances.  Many men and women no matter how they define their family also have strong opinions about what works for them or more boldly what is best for others. I do not intend to ever pose that I know what is good for anyone else.  For me however, I find staying at home difficult mostly because I have to adjust my definition of success and my expectations for others.

In a current world where information (both good and bad) is available EVERYWHERE and even pushed at you constantly on social media, email in-boxes, digital marketers, text messages… it’s easy to assume that

  1. EVERYONE IS WATCHING (and judging),
  2. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE (from DIY projects, start up entrepreneurs, bloggers* (yeah, i know..ironic)),
  3. YOU ARE FAILING UNLESS YOU DO IT ALL as per what you see (que the hand-painted marzipan topped cupcakes for the neighborhood cookout…crazy right?)

Basically talk about pressure.  Paralyzing pressure! Which, sets us up for the stagnant form of FAILURE. But…is it the end or the beginning?  Is it failure that can humble us, connect us and refine our tactics?

On this site we will collectively post failures, successes and the attempts they inspired. Together we can make all FAILURES and SUCCESSES a learning process….And maybe, just maybe… bring back a little realism to the internet 🙂