PUBLISHING FAIL (My first really half-assed attempt)

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So I am basically convinced that about half of all people think about writing a book at some point.  Maybe a third of 25-40 years old focus on writing children’s books which makes sense as raising kids definitely fills you with stories.. stories that rhyme, about joy, about the ridiculous, the exciting, the sad, the moralistic, the downright scary….ect.

So I squarely fell into this category around my early 30’s when I basically (and somewhat, well… mostly arrogantly) decided no books on the market (the entire vast publishing market that I clearly knew nothing about) fit my needs.  You like where this is going????

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I get knocked down but I get up again….

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Nice quote by Nelson.  As for the song, that was a pretty nonsensical band name, and album name and over all a one hit wonder that got annoyingly stuck in the brain.  Kinda similar to how annoying it is when you are have a really crappy day and your super perky friend (whose favorite vacation still is Disneyland) gives you bear hugs, singing Dionne Warwick loudly in your ear while reminding you that life is so much better than you think.   COME ON PEOPLE, we need practical help not movie scenes and barney songs!

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