So many Goals…So many Holes…

So I clearly took the last post of procrastinating to heart by not writing for 2+ weeks…


Everyone I know has some sort of cathartic metamorphosis (not quite Kafka style) with a new year.  I guess that is how a beginning is intended, all that newness just craves a plan forward.  Most of us take a look at what we have, what we want, where we succeed, where we fail and then plot a path forward for the next term.

Personally I have plenty (by comparison to most in this world), want several things (stronger career certainty, more time with extended family, tighter butt, some silly materialistic things like vacations…), I succeed objectively (at being ‘constructively’ critical, seeking creative outlets, raising curious kids and running a schedule), and I fail a lot (being stubborn, being overwhelmed, being inconsistent, taking things personally…I could go on here).

Most of the time folks then try to parlay these into a set of goals for the year.  Look on most writers blogs and you’ll see countless articles about goal setting all posted this 1st week after the new year (medium is a favorite site for good articles, their’s is here).  For the last several years I have taken a slightly different tactic and instead of setting overarching personal ‘goals’, I instead list topics I want to learn more about.  Now I’ve been a corporate gal and taken Six Sigma courses and power pointed my way through SMART goals….BUT, it doesn’t mean that’s the best way to progress at life…at least maybe not for me.

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Speaking Fluent Spanish-ishly

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Apart from moving far from family, friends and traditional opportunities to work, a challenge of moving abroad is learning the language and local customs…but it’s also one of the fun parts too if the stress doesn’t tweak us out.  But, how many times have we all heard, ‘You’re moving there! oh you will just pick it up in 6 months, no problem!’  Yeah, I got that nugget of encouragement (torture) a lot…A LOT from people before & after we moved here.

Before I go into why this challenge is such a spectacular lesson (like all life we must think of the shitty times as such or else we lose all motivation for trying the impossible). I can state some very valid reasons (excuses) why I have struggled…

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My first job was in structured finance (before the financial crisis, actually as the market was starting to peak).  My job was to research and evaluate transactions according to standard measurements for risk, return, sensitivity to economic indicators…ect. Basically I had to take MEASUREMENTS of something NEW/NEVER BEEN DONE and COMPARE them to something OLD/ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED.   Sounds kinda easy (without details)  but at least, straightforward right?

Lots of jobs do something like this…Finance roles, government roles, risk managers, marketers, sales people, teachers, lawyers…  I guess we want to see how far different a new idea is from one that has already been proven/done.  I guess we also want to improve new ideas or ways of doing things.  If we can see what we did as the same as something that has already been done, basically we define it as SUCCESSFUL. Other reasons? Thoughts?

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