BIRD Battle…

Have you ever had to deal with nesting birds on your patio or porch area?  Ok, so I truly apologize to those friends of the folk who think I’m a cold hearted anti-nature lover for committing the cardinal sin of taking down an early spring bird nest and leaving a mama robin unable to produce the next generation in comfort….but really???  They poop ALL over the table! Like A LOT!

So this is a 1 part decorating fail (in hind-sight, always in hind-sight) and 1 part work in progress with multiple fails to fix the bird inhabitation. So part 1 decor fail…


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Sew Sew Sew…Many failures (Part 1)

Inevitably this is how a ‘creative’ day gets started in my house.  After being awoken by outside forces (kids, alarm, husband, birds chirping, sun shining through the window…what have you), followed by tiny encounters that show life (and kids, husband, neighborhood birds…ect) have their own intensions for your time, talents and usefulness; a brilliant idea creeps into the head to make something. Oh yes… I’m gonna make some that I can control. I can create it in my own form, with my own skills, in my own method and I will have this lovely little product when I am done to show for my blood sweat and tears.  Sound familiar?

So I try to satisfy this deep urge for control and creativity by occasionally sewing (duct taping at times) my way through a project. A math & economics girl needs her outlets… But just to be clear, I am not one to post to a pinterest page and have perfect outcomes. My work is messy…It shouldn’t be photoed…It probably should’t be worn in public (but we do…bless our hearts)…It also probably shouldn’t be given as gifts (but I do sometimes…bless their hearts for still being my friends).  But it’s funny, it’s really hard to find a lot of sewing enthusiasts on the internet who admit their struggles on the path to their photo captured perfectionism.  Why don’t we capture the realistic attempts too?

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DIY: Hanging a Curtain Rod

Image result for curtain rod hanging Image result for curtain rod hangingImage result for curtain rod hanging

Oh, home projects. Don’t you just love scanning for ideas, seeing youtube how-to videos that show folks easily filming while doing projects with ease and perfection? Then going out to the home store and buying little bops and bits to follow suit and have your our ideal vision come to reality? Yeah, this isn’t really me either.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a nice house, I like sprucing it up for the holidays or company ect… but when it comes to utility projects like re-hanging a curtain rod I fall squarely into the failure category.  I’m not so sure why I find hanging things (like anything, even taping kids pictures to a wall) so challenging.  There is always a loose nail, un-even line (despite using a level), crooked thing going on when I’m involved.  Apparently in our first house I hung everything towards my eye-level and being 5’5″ apparently that looked weird to everyone else.  My husband can attest that at least 60% of the time after I hang something, all it takes is a door closing, a gentle breeze or a fly landing on it before it comes crashing down to shatter. It seems like everyone else has a trick I just don’t know.  Maybe y’all can enlighten me.

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Halloween costumes…the pain and pressure.

So last night was Halloween! Hope y’all are enjoying a sugar (or bourbon) induced haze heading into work today after dealing with the throngs of kids (both young and awkwardly not so young) knocking on doors and kicking over lit up pumpkins.  It’s a lovely USA tradition, which I am glad is celebrated in pockets around Santiago, Chile as well. Even better as it is mostly Catholic denominated country, we have today, Nov. 1st, off of work & school for All Saints Day to sleep it off.  Yeah!

So in our family we have a tradition going all the way back to the 80’s of making our costumes…like when I stapled christmas tinsel to a hat to be a witch, or went hog-wild with puffy paint and pink lace gloves to be a punk version of Madonna (totally not Material Girl-style). We do this with our kids now.  This year my daughter was a flamingo  and my son was a puma (after some recent trips to deserts and rain forest around this end of the world).

Now we can all pinterest and find oodles of cute amazing hand-crafted ideas of costumes lovingly made up by ex-Martha Stewart scouts.  Ours honestly don’t look like that.  My kids costumes start to fall off and apart about 1 house down the block. It becomes more of a gross motor challenge to keep pants up, tails out, candy bag at the ready and head-piece from blocking all vision.  There are excessive safety pins involved, cut up old pieces of clothing, duct tape and glued on foam that add to the texture of the experience.

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